Being Honest

I have an addiction. Those that have been around me most have probably seen it the worst. I struggle with it all day, every day. I pick my skin. I am writing this because I think that it is pretty useless to keep quiet about it anymore. And I am ashamed of it. I can’t stop. I have tried and tried. It’s like smoking. I can’t stop, just because I want to. I can’t stop, for the love of my kids. It’s a stress reliever, I think, for the most part. But, unlike smoking, I can’t just stop buying the cigarettes. I can’t chop off my hands, though some might concider that an option (slight smile). I can’t escape my body. So, what do I do? I have been picking since I was about 8. That makes about 19 years of my life. I am being honest about this because I want to stop. I want it to end. And I don’t know how. So, I need your prayers. I need information. I need help. I am being honest because I am hoping that my voice will start to break the chains, and that maybe I can help someone else in the process.

This is really hard. I think about what people will think of me. I think about how gross it will appear to others. I think about how I may never be able to break free from this and then it will be just something else I have failed at. This is really hard…


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