A Big Day!

Today, my middle joy, Julia, is graduating preschool. There’s lots to get done today. I have to shave my legs! I’m dragging out the skirt! I can’t imagine how this tiny baby has grown so much. She is full of light, energy, and laughter, with plenty of sparkling spunk. This little girl reflects her name: Julia Joy Yvonne. Joy: it over flows like a river. Yvonne is the part that I think gets her into so much trouble (love you, Grandma!)

I’ll be skipping today’s normal post. However, feel free to drop by Andrea’s blog. She is a long time friend of mine and has been doing a series on how different people have become better people and so sweetly asked if I could contribute. Here is that post. Thanks Andrea for letting me share!

Spread lots of love, today. God blessed us with the slowness of time. He wants to give us plenty of chances to show His love to the ones around us. Take advantage of it. We must treasure the present moments. They are our every day, sifting, droplets of time, falling into our hands and slipping out without our consent. Bask in them. Jump into them. Let go of what you thought you wanted and you might just get exactly what you needed.





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