Family Connections

There are times in my life when I forget Whose I am.

Not who I am, but to Whom I belong.

Remember this song?

(Insert cheesy music)
God is my Father, Jesus is my Brother and the Blessed Holy Spirit is my Guide. . . 

Lame, I know, but, I was thinking about this today. Singing the song, the tune is so glib that the words seem overshadowed. Forget the tune. Let’s focus on the words instead.

God is my Father – Does that excite you? Knowing that, can you breathe a sigh of relief? Are you content in every area of your life because of that?

Jesus is my Brother – This is true, by the way. It’s what He said. Does this help fulfill your sense of family? Do you feel close to Him in this way? Can you feel a connection to Him in your circumstances? Is there anything that keeps you from feeling that?

The Blessed Holy Spirit in my Guide – Do you feel His guiding presence? How often do you speak with the Him? Do you ask Him for help? Do you feel a sense of purpose and direction because of His involvement?

I feel like I’ve left some of the basic facts of my Christian life behind. During  recent troubles,  my faith has become shallow and flat. I’ve bitten into the lie that God isn’t that involved and if anything is going to get done, I’ll have to do it myself. I’ve chosen to live on my own strength. At least, I’ll be able to get something done, whatever little it may be.

If you will, ask yourself the questions above and please respond. I’ve been meditating on a bit of scripture that is blowing me, and my pitiful little faith, out of the water. I’ll expound later. For now, please answer what questions you can.

How do you feel about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit?

I’ll give my answers tomorrow.


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