Restoring the Kingdom

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” 
― Mike Tyson

Yesterday morning, I was on it. With my purpose realized, already, I had spent time with God, blogged, showered, and breakfasted cheerfully with the children. By mid morning, lunch was baking along with supper in the crock pot. One load of laundry was in the dryer, while I added another to the wash. Katie was on a roll, going to the potty all by herself. Yes! No accidents today! The sweet sound of check-marks against to-do’s were ringing in my ears. I was happy! I was peaceful. I was getting stuff done.

At 12:03, my husband called.

“Hello!” I answered in my best can’t-you-tell-how-happy-I-am-with-my-life voice.

“Hey baby!”, was his sweet response.

Then, in a moment, my day. . . my sweet, wonderful, peaceful day began to shift. Suddenly, it was like the volume was turned up on my kids. We were about to fold laundry but the interruption threw them off course. They started jumping on my bed (I hate that), they called the dog onto my bed (I really hate that!), and started running back and forth, screaming! Apparently, someone had pushed the mayhem button and they were doing their best to oblige.

“I’m still here!” I answered, not so happy anymore. Johnathan and Hope, aforementioned dog, ran up to the living room after having been shewed off the bed .

“We were just about to fold laundry.” I was still trying to prove how great my day was.

“Mooooom! Hope pooped on the floor!” 

“I’ve gotta go.”

Relinquishing, I got off the phone and went upstairs. After letting the dog out, and keeping all my cursings silent, I cleaned up the mess and lugged out the steam-cleaner.

What the heck happened? Everything was fine! Why did one phone call throw everything off?

The last bits of the lunch hour sunk even further. My youngest wet herself twice. The other two began to fight. We finished the laundry without a ounce of flourish. My perfect day was not so perfect. What I wanted was quiet and everyone was sent to their rooms. In Katie’s, I asked if she wanted her door open or shut during quiet time.

“I want to hold you, ” she injected.

I could not refuse.

I laid down beside her, my legs dangling over the rails of her toddler bed; a giant in my own story. As her body relaxed and shifted into sleep, I snuck away  and laid down in my own bed still trying to figure what had gone wrong.

In every kingdom, there is a battle that rages. When I talked to my husband that night, he told me that at the same time I was experiencing my twisted moments, things at his work started spiraling in the same strange way. “Warfare,” he declared and I think he’s right. We forget that we are in a battle, against an enemy that wants to destroy us. We get distracted by the million little things that don’t matter a whit and forget to pay attention to the important things – being salt, being light, praying in the dark, loving our neighbor, sharing bread, asking for wisdom.

Yes – Ask for wisdom. I never did that. I didn’t stop to pray and ask what was going on. I didn’t go to the Father, who sees beyond what I can’t, to ask what I need to do. I didn’t think about the other things that I needed to do, like looking into the eyes of my children, holding them, touching them, taking time out to answer their questions. All I had wanted to do was do, be, conquer! It took a little girls reply to bring me back to earth.

In a conversation with a friend today, I relayed my frustrations and she shared her own story of coming to a place of contentment, only to have her life shift and change the very next day. Events took place that she had no control over. Did that mean that she was no longer content? No, but it meant that she had to continue to trust God especially when she had to face what she could not understand. God has come through for her, moment by moment, but she had to be willing to let Him do that.

Do not pray that things will go your way. Ask that God will be with you along the way. Ask for wisdom. Pray for eyes that see and ears to hear with. Do not set your expectations on how you think things should happen but ask for God’s will to do be done.   Seek out His will and don’t worry about the rest. If you get knocked down by the enemy, stop, take time to heal and pray. Connect with the Father. Cover your family in prayer. Believe in the truth that God has put over your life. It’s the only way His kingdom will come in fullness and in joy.

You are a part of His story. Welcome to the adventure!


4 thoughts on “Restoring the Kingdom

  1. good words, girl. Sometimes we need to vent, take a deep breath…then start again with the believing and trusting. Love the toddler bed analogy – I am not so far away from my 3-yr old, either, but we’re learning together 🙂

  2. I have been feeling off and grumpy all week. I can’t figure out why. Only today did it hit me that I have been in a battle and forgetting my armor. Very timely post. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome. We are in a battle. I stand with you, sister! Is there anything specific I can pray about for you?

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