Will You Forgive Me?

I love being right.

It’s important that I keep my lists straight and my tallies correct on the ways people have hurt me. I could line them up and give them all reason for why I am so unhappy. That way, I won’t be exposed. No one will be able to see how foolish I’ve been. I can push people away at any time because I have “good reason.”

What a stupid way to live.

Unfortunately, I’m pretty good at doing just that. As much as I want to be loved, it takes a humility to admit when I’m the one being stupid. If something happens between myself and someone else, it takes bravery to speak up and say, “Hey, that was really hard for me to take, when you _____.” I have to man up. Put my big girl panties on. I don’t want to do that, so I just hold a grudge.

Now, who’s the one footing the bill?

It occurs to me that so many things could be cleared up between people if they just sat down and talked. Statements can be skewed in a moment’s passing. If we take the time to clarify what was said, and how we felt, all this grudging business could be avoided almost entirely.

To say, “I forgive you,” takes guts. To ask for forgiveness can be just as hard. Both parties have to willing to put pride away and be willing to face whatever took place to heal the damage that was done.

“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.”
― C.S. Lewis

Lists suck. Tallies take up too much room. Line ups only cause more pain. What we need is the truth. We need to put on humility and we need to give out the one thing that covers a multitude of sins:



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