True Love

It was a glimmer, a moment, a don’t-blink experience. I got to see love with skin on it.

It was during worship at our church. A woman walked in with a baby and immediately I noticed his cleft palate. It looked sore and painful, like the operation had been recent. My reaction was pity. Then, I noticed my friend’s.

She saw the baby, too. Joy lighted her entire face. Her look to the Mom was one of longing, “Can I hold him, please?” The mom passed him back to my friend and the first thing that the baby saw and felt in my friend’s arms was pure, true love.

My friend loves that baby. You could feel her warmth across the room and it had nothing to do with the physical scars of the baby. The baby was being loved for who he is.

This is how I see you.

Tears welled up in my eyes. Yes, beyond my scars, beyond what damage I’d been born into, God loves my heart, the very core, the very depth, the very part that’s been redeemed and restored. He loves ME. How incredible and how amazing.

He feels the same way about you. What you were born with, doesn’t matter. What you face everyday, doesn’t bother Him. The battles that you fight, the scars that you’ve received, the sores that are still oozing, He loves it all. He is winning you back. He is longing for your heart to be healed and to be whole. He loves you, and it’s not a one time experience. Every time that you come to Him, you can feel His warmth, see the light in His eyes, and the joy on His face because He’s glad that you’ve come. He loves you for you and He longs to show you who you really are.

Spread the love thick. Spread it wide. There are other that are longing to feel this.

Reveal yourself to us, Lord and we will give what You have so splendidly given us.



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