Never Alone

Dear Friend,


Happy Valentine’s Day, however it finds you.
















At rest.


What if today, we watched the sun rise and we decided to be completely ourselves. None of us are where we thought we’d be. Some are you are free from relationships that have held you down. Some are missing the ones you’ve lost. Others still are barely holding onto your dreams. There is an emptiness in all of us. And a fullness. Both exists and we can bless it all.


Let’s start there.


I bless you, right where you are. I bless the dreams that you’ve lost, the love that you thought would be forever yours. I bless today if it’s all you’d hoped it would be. Treasure it. Be present. Embrace it. Accept the goodness that you’ve been given. And, I bless you if you don’t care. I get that too. The pressure is intense, the commercialism heavy, the colors…ugh. Just off.


So, let’s bring ourselves, our current journey, our hearts into the moment – into the frenzied fray of what “they’ve” said it’s supposed to be and tell the story of what it really is. That this day does not define us, but it does affect us. And, that this day does not have to control us. It can’t tell us who we are or where we need to be. No calendar date can do that. What we can do is share who we are. It’s the stories that bring us together and will make today more special that any Hallmark card could lay out.


Today is a great day to be honest. You can sit by me. We can laugh and cry and get another set of eyes on our current circumstances. We can stand wide open, completely ourselves and find acceptance in the midst. Sharing our stories, we’ll find a more redemptive message – You are not alone. No matter where you are, no matter how alone you feel, the truth is that you aren’t alone in it.


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Today, find a friend, look them in the eye, and ask them how they are.


Start there.


Start with Love.


Share the Day.

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