Catch My Breath

This is not what I expected. In the effort to detox and regroup my heart and mind, I quit Facebook. I thought it would help. And, in a different way, it has. Quitting one thing, means I have time for something else. Like paying attention to my life. ... Maybe that was the beauty of Facebook … Continue reading Catch My Breath



I am getting nothing done. If the world were inside of me, it would be bottle-necked - bits of ocean and land smashing into each other - only a conglomerate of life is coming through my throat. I feel too much. Am too much. There's too much to say. Too much to do. I see … Continue reading Worlds

Bloom Anyway

Here in Kentucky, we seem to be on the edges of spring. Every day is another edge, another inch, another moment closer to beauty, lightness, sunshine and warmth. Then, there are days like yesterday. What was supposed to be a 40% chance of snow in the morning turned out to be an all day freeze … Continue reading Bloom Anyway

Filters: Part One – That’s Me

A few years ago, we took our son to the optometrist. Just a check up. He'd never complained about his vision. We just thought it was a good idea. He needed glasses. Badly. Looking back, I thought about the moments that we'd become frustrated with him, how he seemed to bang into things unnecessarily or … Continue reading Filters: Part One – That’s Me