Dealing With It: When Life Erupts and You Can’t Ignore It

It was the smell that got me. No, before that, it was the toilet. The toilet that I, jokingly, told my Facebook friends needed more of a relationship: But, there were signs. There always are. First it was the toilet, water rising at an alarming rate and thankfully (or, so I thought) receding to lower levels. … Continue reading Dealing With It: When Life Erupts and You Can’t Ignore It


Made to Share:

There was an irony in yesterday's post. While I am not on Facebook, my post was. It was tossed in the pile of Feeds that I bemoaned yesterday. What effect it had, I have no idea. That's the sorrow of throwing something out to a hundred different hands. Yet, I know that what I offer isn't … Continue reading Made to Share:

Saying Thank You

I'm laying out on the deck behind my house, wrapped up in a blanket to keep warm from the cold night. The stars are out. Shining. Beautiful, in spite of the light pollution from the city. I keep trying to find Orion, but can't. The big dipper is still visible. My mind wonders what kind … Continue reading Saying Thank You

The Cry Station

It's completely invisible. If you walked around our home, you would not even notice it or even realize what it was even if you looked straight at it. It's The Cry Station. It's a simple corner in our dining room. There are no markings, no cutesie arrows pointing the way, no carpet set on the floor. … Continue reading The Cry Station

Learning the Language

(4:34am) Mommy!!! I'm climbing up the stairs, trying not to be frustrated that I am up, again, with my kids. It's been a wild night. One child refusing to sleep, and now another needing my attention. *Sigh* Hey Baby. You okay? Mommy, I need go potty.  We head to the bathroom, take care of business … Continue reading Learning the Language