Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful

(This post is for a friend. What you do, matters.) All I was doing was the laundry. It was a normal day. Got up. Made bed. Popped in a load. But, on this normal morning, I glanced over my left shoulder and I saw the most beautiful, most hopeful thing that I had in a while. . . […]

Made to Share:

There was an irony in yesterday’s post. While I am not on Facebook, my post was. It was tossed in the pile of Feeds that I bemoaned yesterday. What effect it had, I have no idea. That’s the sorrow of throwing something out to a hundred different hands. Yet, I know that what I offer isn’t […]

Disconnecting: How Hard it is

If the sunlight brightens a leaf on a tree and no one posts it on Instagram, does it really happen? I’m taking a break from social media this week. I’m not responding to text messages unless it’s a plan to get together. I am disconnecting and it is not easy. Sitting in the living room, watching […]

Rain and Relationships

Winter has set in. Hard and resilient, the ice storms and snow days have compounded the Midwest. I never thought I would dread an early morning call from the school. Thankfully, we have only suffered one day of power outage. The rest has been a time of waiting and a willing remembrance that spring will […]

Pain and Community: How We Validate Each Other

Today was my smallest girl’s yearly check-up. Big four as she told her doctor. She’s doing fine. Growing well. Everything she’s capable of is appropriate for her age, including her sudden dislike of green food variety. But, then we hear the news: She’ll need these shots today. . .  I wasn’t surprised. I figured this […]