Yearning and the Creative Struggle: Entering into the God Life

The yearning is an invitation. Right? What else could it be? Why write poetry or music? Why make a meal, create an app, create a movement with the body that makes the heart ache deeper and further?


Light Matters: An Explanation and Examination

I love our Christmas tree. I love being in it’s light. I will turn off every light in the house just to get the full affect. Christmas lights evoke meaning. We have much to look forward to. Good things are coming. That’s the promise, right? A Christmas tree lights the way to Christmas. We anticipate and are […]

I Need Jesus

I need Jesus before . . . My feet hit the floor I reach for my coffee I reach for my kids I talk to my husband I need Jesus before I say a word ~ I need Jesus before I . . . Make the decision Make the phone call Try to forgive Try […]

Out of the Nest

A bird fell out of it’s nest today. Actually, we unsettled a few trees and found the nest later, still snug between the branches. I didn’t think much of it until we saw the anxious Mamma and Daddy chirping around the yard. There he was. Much larger than I’d imagined, though I didn’t know baby birds would still be babies, certainly […]