Faith on the Cliff: Leaving God as your Only Option

As any top-rope climber knows, there are only two things you can trust on the climb: the rope and the belayer. Your life depends on the strength of the rope and the attention of the person holding the rope. Too much would be fatal. Too little keeps you from where you need to go. Having … Continue reading Faith on the Cliff: Leaving God as your Only Option


I Need Jesus

I need Jesus before . . . My feet hit the floor I reach for my coffee I reach for my kids I talk to my husband I need Jesus before I say a word ~ I need Jesus before I . . . Make the decision Make the phone call Try to forgive Try … Continue reading I Need Jesus

Falling into Love

I heard this song yesterday: and when I did, I laughed. I still knew the words after all these years. I could probably sing it with the bitter, cracked, sexy (supposedly) way that I used to. But, after the laughter came the groan. That was me. That was how I coped. I swallowed resignation daily, … Continue reading Falling into Love

Perfectly Imperfect

Yesterday, I made the best potato soup. It wasn’t creamy, or even very pretty. I added too much water and wheat flour never quite looks right when used as a thickener. But, the taste. oh my. It was delicious. Yesterday, some friends came over. We had a blast, talking and laughing, confessing who we were and … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect

So Very Very Ordinary

Jealousy is a wretched beast. I don't fall for it often. Most days, I'm good. I laugh inside remembering that when the kids were babies, and they were crying, we followed three criteria: Were they fed? Were they changed? Were they loved? If the answer to every question was yes, and we knew that nothing … Continue reading So Very Very Ordinary

This is Not Life or Death: The Power of Releasing the Pressure

I remember the first time this really struck me. We were one signature away from a cell phone contract. Pen poised, I stopped my husband's hand. "I don't like this. Something doesn't feel right." "What's up?' "I don't know. I just don't feel right about this." "We don't have to do it then." "No, we don't."  … Continue reading This is Not Life or Death: The Power of Releasing the Pressure

Just January.

It's 2015. It's cold. Not so cold that the kids couldn't go to school today. That was yesterday. The day when we all felt a little icky and bored. January is a strange beast. American culture has painted it to be a new beginning, a fresh start for everybody. But, January, really, is a name … Continue reading Just January.