The Winter is Over…

If I could bathe in green, I would. I cannot get enough of the light, fresh grass, or birds being happy about whatever they go on about. The most I can do is get as close to the earth as possible...without looking a bit touched in the head. The winter left a chill that I … Continue reading The Winter is Over…



I'm too raw. I'm scared to death. I want to write but it all feels like new skin that must be shielded because the light with either scorch it or the wind with throw up the dust and infect it. I want to write. Really. I just don't know what to say. The crazy thing … Continue reading Raw

Nothing is Impossible

Every year, on the first day of spring, I plant Sunflowers. It's magic! From one small seed comes a fantastic giant, glowing in the beauty of Summertime.   I love how, as they grow, their heads follow the light, sunrise to sunset.   But growth takes time. They have so much potential but it takes … Continue reading Nothing is Impossible

All Things New

This year's project is wood chips. Inspired by the movie, Back to Eden, we're adding a covering to our garden - vegetables, flowers, vines, everything to encourage new growth in our yard. Before laying the wood chips, it's necessary to lay down newspaper; not an item I pick up very often. I love my NPR … Continue reading All Things New

A Million Little Chances. . .

This morning, I am astonished at God's Extravagance. . . We have one tree in our yard that, for the past few days, has been showering us with it's seedlings, it's possibilites, it's hope for the future. Today, there are thousands, perhaps a million of these hopes and dreams scattered everywhere. Nothing is left to chance. … Continue reading A Million Little Chances. . .


Easter Lord, now that Spring is in the world, And every tulip is a cup Filled with the wine of Thy great love, Lift Thou me up. Raise Thou my heart as flowers arise To greet the glory of Thy day, With soul as clean as lilies are, And white as they. Let me not fear the darkness now, Since Life … Continue reading Easter