Skinny Means Nothing: A Women’s Perspective on Self Worth

The day was sunny. Hot. Hanging with a friend at the zoo, we were huffing, dragging our children via Radio Flyer Wagon, up a hill. My friend and I were not overweight by any means, but here we were, struggling. We laughed at ourselves, at our weakened state. I turned to my friend, exasperated. “Skinny doesn’t mean anything.” […]

Empty Spaces

Empty – It describes something, it’s an action, and it’s a thing. Boy, is it a thing. I have a lot of Empty’s in my life. We all do. Intended or not, the majority of humanity has at least one Empty. Or, is afraid of one.

New Notebook

Every year, when I take the kids out for school supplies, I think, “Oh, I want a notebook. *Gasp* Look at the gel pens! Everything is on sale!” I am elated! But, every year, the cart fills up, the total climbs higher, and every year I put the notebook and pens back. Next year, I say to still […]

Do It For My Daughters

My daughters are seven and five. They are brilliant. And, I don’t mean that they are smarter than most children. They’re brilliance comes from the inside. Julia is fun. She’s hilarious! She makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. She works this to her advantage. Katie is cheeky. She’s smart and snappy. She is incredibly […]

Carrying Seeds With Sorrow

I’ve been out in the garden again. After a rough morning, it’s all I wanted. To feel dirt in my nails, to set the tomato plant, to give our cast off potatoes a chance at new life. I wanted colors: greens and pinks, whites, reds, purples, yellows. . . a rainbow spread thick and far. Digging […]