It's Friday evening. We've roasted hot dogs, enjoyed slurping cream soda floats, and the moment. It is one of those moments that contain the whole world, everything precious in one flash of joy. It's raining. The sun is shining, brilliant, making everything feel translucent, light, and possible. I run outside to look for a rainbow. … Continue reading Everything


Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful

(This post is for a friend. What you do, matters.) All I was doing was the laundry. It was a normal day. Got up. Made bed. Popped in a load. But, on this normal morning, I glanced over my left shoulder and I saw the most beautiful, most hopeful thing that I had in a while. . . … Continue reading Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful

Made to Share:

There was an irony in yesterday's post. While I am not on Facebook, my post was. It was tossed in the pile of Feeds that I bemoaned yesterday. What effect it had, I have no idea. That's the sorrow of throwing something out to a hundred different hands. Yet, I know that what I offer isn't … Continue reading Made to Share:

So Very Very Ordinary

Jealousy is a wretched beast. I don't fall for it often. Most days, I'm good. I laugh inside remembering that when the kids were babies, and they were crying, we followed three criteria: Were they fed? Were they changed? Were they loved? If the answer to every question was yes, and we knew that nothing … Continue reading So Very Very Ordinary

The Wedding

It started with the invitation. Wait. It started long before that. While I was at Captivating, God granted me a family, a sisterhood; as one friend calls it "a tribe".  Seven women, sitting at a table, pouring their hearts out breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the mighty and marvelous work that God was doing in … Continue reading The Wedding