Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful

(This post is for a friend. What you do, matters.) All I was doing was the laundry. It was a normal day. Got up. Made bed. Popped in a load. But, on this normal morning, I glanced over my left shoulder and I saw the most beautiful, most hopeful thing that I had in a while. . . … Continue reading Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful


You Are More Than Hat Day

This is the Mother Board: This is where everything of importance is written down - school events, doctor's appointments, meetings with friends. If you want to know what we are doing, look at this board. It's difficult for me to function without it. If it's going to happen, it has to be written down. Here. … Continue reading You Are More Than Hat Day

It’s Not Perfect

My Real Simple magazine came in today. This is the first time that I'd rather not open it. It's the cover. A mother sits stretched across the page. Her hair is long, red, and gorgeous. She's slim (size 4? 2?) and looks at ease, relaxed and happy. Her three red haired, blue eyed children sit … Continue reading It’s Not Perfect