Don't rush it. Doing things well takes time. Screw the rat race. Live well. Love well. Breathe slowly. Say "No" so that you can say "Yes" with your whole heart. Not everything is important. Not everything is obvious. Don't worry about disappointing someone. Do what you know is right. Don't worry about the rest. Enjoy … Continue reading Perception


. . . Slow to Speak

It's raining, today. I watch the drops trickle down from leaf to leaf; a sweet little slide for the nourishment that my plants so desperately need. Outside my window, the gangly tree that we transplanted is soaking it in. The buds catch my eye. There are only a few, a silent small effort in the proclamation … Continue reading . . . Slow to Speak

Permission Slip

All it took was a hard day at work for my husband to bring out the chainsaw. "Do you mind?", He asked. "Go for it!" A simple yes was all the man had needed, the verbal permission slip. We've talked about taking down the privacy fence for some time. We like the privacy, but prefer … Continue reading Permission Slip