I am getting nothing done. If the world were inside of me, it would be bottle-necked - bits of ocean and land smashing into each other - only a conglomerate of life is coming through my throat. I feel too much. Am too much. There's too much to say. Too much to do. I see … Continue reading Worlds



I'm too raw. I'm scared to death. I want to write but it all feels like new skin that must be shielded because the light with either scorch it or the wind with throw up the dust and infect it. I want to write. Really. I just don't know what to say. The crazy thing … Continue reading Raw

Why We’ve Got To Let Go

There are times in my life, many chapters back, that seem to glitter more than others. Precious memories that bring an old ache, a wanting, that cannot be satisfied in the present. Flipping through, I see what pulled that time together. It was the music, the people, the new found freedoms and ever endearing possibilities … Continue reading Why We’ve Got To Let Go

Pray For Our Schools

Every morning, my husband and I pray for each other. We pray for each other's hearts, our day and that nothing that the enemy throws at us will prosper. Every morning, I pray for my kids on the way to school. I pray for them, that they will soak in the education that's solid, for … Continue reading Pray For Our Schools