I am getting nothing done. If the world were inside of me, it would be bottle-necked - bits of ocean and land smashing into each other - only a conglomerate of life is coming through my throat. I feel too much. Am too much. There's too much to say. Too much to do. I see … Continue reading Worlds


Mourning Father’s Day

I don’t have a good relationship with my father. Scratch that. I don’t have any relationship with my father. It’s been 10 years since I’ve spoken to him. It’s just one of those things that I don’t know how to handle. It’s just. . . not, which makes it hard for others to understand. Most, … Continue reading Mourning Father’s Day

Spring is Coming: What Will You Do?

14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes. It the countdown to Spring. It’s coming! The green! The colors, the sounds, the smells. Oh! Spring has the best scent. My favorite. Stepping outside, I feel my blood begin to boil. I’m ready . . . for whatever! Just give me something to do. I’ll do it!   … Continue reading Spring is Coming: What Will You Do?

Rain and Relationships

Winter has set in. Hard and resilient, the ice storms and snow days have compounded the Midwest. I never thought I would dread an early morning call from the school. Thankfully, we have only suffered one day of power outage. The rest has been a time of waiting and a willing remembrance that spring will … Continue reading Rain and Relationships

Under Construction

  Our house is changing. Ever since we brought our focus home, everything is looking a little different. I'm spending my days filling holes, painting, sanding, tearing out mismatched moulding; we are definitely under construction. My heart tends to look the same these days. When I let Jesus in and let Him reveal the poor … Continue reading Under Construction