The Words I’ve Always Wanted To Write

The last two weeks have been hard, but it's helped me write what exactly...


Never Alone

Dear Friend,   Happy Valentine's Day, however it finds you.   Happy.   Alone.   Loved.   Disappointed.   Misunderstood.   Wandering.   Peaceful.   At rest.   What if today, we watched the sun rise and we decided to be completely ourselves. None of us are where we thought we'd be. Some are you … Continue reading Never Alone

Skinny Means Nothing: A Women’s Perspective on Self Worth

The day was sunny. Hot. Hanging with a friend at the zoo, we were huffing, dragging our children via Radio Flyer Wagon, up a hill. My friend and I were not overweight by any means, but here we were, struggling. We laughed at ourselves, at our weakened state. I turned to my friend, exasperated. "Skinny doesn't mean anything." … Continue reading Skinny Means Nothing: A Women’s Perspective on Self Worth

When Faith Looks Like a Messy Bun – Thoughts on Trusting God

It was 2am and I was sobbing. The first part of March had been brutal for our family. Sickness had erupted. Nearly everything on the schedule had been cancelled. Saturday came and I thought we had made it through. We bared our weak arms and bowed our heads to disinfect, scrub, vacuum, and steam clean every … Continue reading When Faith Looks Like a Messy Bun – Thoughts on Trusting God

The Beauty of Facts

This is an old post but one that still speaks: No matter the circumstances, nothing can change the the truth. I echo again, “Live the facts. The effects . . . are only days away.”

Exposed By Light

Flowers by the Lake

Spring is here. That fact can’t be changed. The cold makes me laugh. Snow flurries and I stare each other down. Defiantly, I speak, “Your time is limited. You cannot stay. Winter is over, my friends. “

The onset of spring feels more like the first of the year than any January has. When Spring enters, life spills over in an abundance of petals, winds, waters, and colors. Beauty is flung without regard. It is love, pure and unadulterated, independent of our human responses.

In spite of the facts, we believe what we see. On the 19th, I wished everyone I met a happy First Day of Spring. One response captured the mood of most, “At least the sun is shining.” Half hope, half despair. We believe what we feel which is such a dangerous way to live.

I do the same. In my head, I believe that my Father loves me…

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Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations -An Album Review

For those of us who grew up in the church, some things are forever fixed in our memories: the creak of the pews, the hymns in our hands, and the lone piano sitting in the corner. Light filtered through the windows and we listened to the truth that first woke us up to the depravity of our sin … Continue reading Hymns, Prayers, and Invitations -An Album Review