Filters: Part One – That’s Me

A few years ago, we took our son to the optometrist. Just a check up. He'd never complained about his vision. We just thought it was a good idea. He needed glasses. Badly. Looking back, I thought about the moments that we'd become frustrated with him, how he seemed to bang into things unnecessarily or … Continue reading Filters: Part One – That’s Me


What Would Jesus Do Now?

The thought comes to me at first through a weed. Lots of them. Creeping in and taking over my wild, hairy garden. As I push the shovel under the weed, the thought springs like a spiral, upward into my brain. This is the problem, I think to myself. The problem is that we are not dealing with … Continue reading What Would Jesus Do Now?

Don’t Tell Me I’m Doing Well: The Cry of the Stumbling Woman

Three sessions in and I panicked. Things were going well. Good questions were being asked, validation given, truth was being shared. But, towards the end of each consultation, my inner child would get fidgety. Eyes darting, hands wringing. Internally, I was terrified. Please don't say it. Please don't say it. Don't tell me I'm doing well. Don't … Continue reading Don’t Tell Me I’m Doing Well: The Cry of the Stumbling Woman

Light Matters: An Explanation and Examination

I love our Christmas tree. I love being in it's light. I will turn off every light in the house just to get the full affect. Christmas lights evoke meaning. We have much to look forward to. Good things are coming. That's the promise, right? A Christmas tree lights the way to Christmas. We anticipate and are … Continue reading Light Matters: An Explanation and Examination