Do Not Grow Weary. . . Because it’s Exhausting Being Good

It was a rough day. I could tell as soon as she walked to the car. Eyes down, chin to chest. Something was up. Back home, we sat down together and read the note from the teacher. It hadn't been a good day. At all. She cried. I was perplexed. This was not my girl. … Continue reading Do Not Grow Weary. . . Because it’s Exhausting Being Good


Don’t Be A Wuss

Halloween has become. . . Complicated.For one thing, it's become a phenomenon. According to CNN Money, Americans will be spending approximately 7 billion dollars this year. In the name of fun, there are inflatables, costumes, candy and everything else in between to spook and scare any lover of this holiday. I've been walking around like a coward. I've … Continue reading Don’t Be A Wuss


Who do you see when you look in the mirror? I have seen myself in my children this morning. The reflections have not been pretty. One keeps yelling, trying to get everyone to do what they want, as the other cries, because she doesn't want to tackle the task she's been given. Oh, boy. This … Continue reading Reflections