10 More Songs for Maximum Motivation

Motivation means many things to different people, but music is one of the most powerful and personal tools that we reach for to ready ourselves for the game. Whether it's preparing for a date, a client, heading to the gym, or to the mountains, what we listen to affects us and propels us forward. This list is … Continue reading 10 More Songs for Maximum Motivation


Disconnecting: How Hard it is

If the sunlight brightens a leaf on a tree and no one posts it on Instagram, does it really happen? I'm taking a break from social media this week. I'm not responding to text messages unless it's a plan to get together. I am disconnecting and it is not easy. Sitting in the living room, watching … Continue reading Disconnecting: How Hard it is

A Bigger Story

". . . it did hit me that as much as I want my prayers answered, I want to be the answer to someone else's prayers."  - Journal Entry 7-1-12 Working as a part-time server has its advantages: I get to leave the house - no laundry, potty runs, or fights to break up. It's … Continue reading A Bigger Story

Lady. . . Put Down the Electronic Device

A night off. The kids are asleep. Wine has been poured. Candles have been lit. And, what am I thinking about? Hmmm, what can we do? Oh! We could catch the new Sherlock Holmes on PBS! I had to pinch myself. Am I insane? Do I really want to stare at a screen when I … Continue reading Lady. . . Put Down the Electronic Device