Made to Share:

There was an irony in yesterday's post. While I am not on Facebook, my post was. It was tossed in the pile of Feeds that I bemoaned yesterday. What effect it had, I have no idea. That's the sorrow of throwing something out to a hundred different hands. Yet, I know that what I offer isn't … Continue reading Made to Share:


Disconnecting: How Hard it is

If the sunlight brightens a leaf on a tree and no one posts it on Instagram, does it really happen? I'm taking a break from social media this week. I'm not responding to text messages unless it's a plan to get together. I am disconnecting and it is not easy. Sitting in the living room, watching … Continue reading Disconnecting: How Hard it is

Who Peed In Your Cereal?

 Most days, much of what I deal with is pee. It's everywhere. Well, not so much. Thankfully, my husband had the brilliant idea of cutting out drinks before bed so that's ended a lot of pee trips in the middle of the night. But, it's still inescapable. The pee IS everywhere. Katie's potty training, and … Continue reading Who Peed In Your Cereal?

Goodwill Shopping 101

I love Goodwill. I've been a die-hard customer for at least four years. At first, shopping at Goodwill was born out of necessity. I carried several stigmas about the place, but, due to our budget, I had to find other ways to clothe myself without breaking the bank. After the first couple of trips, though, it became an addiction. I was … Continue reading Goodwill Shopping 101