Faith on the Cliff: Leaving God as your Only Option

As any top-rope climber knows, there are only two things you can trust on the climb: the rope and the belayer. Your life depends on the strength of the rope and the attention of the person holding the rope. Too much would be fatal. Too little keeps you from where you need to go. Having … Continue reading Faith on the Cliff: Leaving God as your Only Option


He’ll Catch You

I woke up this morning with a weary heart. All three kids had been up. With dreams and wet beds, the past two nights have been a whirlwind. When Donovan woke me up, he first asked, "Are you ready to pray?" "No. . . ", I replied. "Will you pray with me," he asked. "Yes." … Continue reading He’ll Catch You

All Things New

This year's project is wood chips. Inspired by the movie, Back to Eden, we're adding a covering to our garden - vegetables, flowers, vines, everything to encourage new growth in our yard. Before laying the wood chips, it's necessary to lay down newspaper; not an item I pick up very often. I love my NPR … Continue reading All Things New

Permission Slip

All it took was a hard day at work for my husband to bring out the chainsaw. "Do you mind?", He asked. "Go for it!" A simple yes was all the man had needed, the verbal permission slip. We've talked about taking down the privacy fence for some time. We like the privacy, but prefer … Continue reading Permission Slip

GMO Jesus

Now when Jesus came into the district of Caesarea Philippi, He asked his disciples, “Who do people say that the Son of Man is?” (Matthew 16:13 ESV) This sign caught my eye on the way home from work. I laughed, initially, because the church still doesn't know that signs like these don't really work. Signs … Continue reading GMO Jesus

Trusting God

What do you believe about God? I'm not asking if you think He created the earth or if He cares for unborn babies. I'm asking what you believe about your relationship with Him. What you believe about God affects the decisions you make. I need a good hairstylist. When we moved into this area, I … Continue reading Trusting God

A Prayer For Today

Today I need the quiet. I need to know that what Christ did on the cross was really enough, because. . . Sometimes I wonder. A friend of mine sent the following prayer in an email. I want to share it with you. May this be our prayer for today. To be read, prayed, slowly… … Continue reading A Prayer For Today