Made to Share:

There was an irony in yesterday's post. While I am not on Facebook, my post was. It was tossed in the pile of Feeds that I bemoaned yesterday. What effect it had, I have no idea. That's the sorrow of throwing something out to a hundred different hands. Yet, I know that what I offer isn't … Continue reading Made to Share:



I wish you were here. I wish I could hug you and make a lunch and a fresh pot of coffee and sit with you, face to face. I would love to see your face. There is something so incredibly wonderful about spilling my guts to you and knowing that you are treasuring all of … Continue reading You

What Will You Bring?

It doesn't take much to make a difference. To show up, to smile, to ask a question, to look them in the eye. No, it doesn't take much. The cost is little. The experience is priceless. Bringing light into a world of darkness, well, it only takes one tiny, seemingly insignificant candle to change a room. … Continue reading What Will You Bring?

Just January.

It's 2015. It's cold. Not so cold that the kids couldn't go to school today. That was yesterday. The day when we all felt a little icky and bored. January is a strange beast. American culture has painted it to be a new beginning, a fresh start for everybody. But, January, really, is a name … Continue reading Just January.

Pain and Community: How We Validate Each Other

Today was my smallest girl's yearly check-up. Big four as she told her doctor. She's doing fine. Growing well. Everything she's capable of is appropriate for her age, including her sudden dislike of green food variety. But, then we hear the news:She'll need these shots today. . . I wasn't surprised. I figured this was coming. … Continue reading Pain and Community: How We Validate Each Other