Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful

(This post is for a friend. What you do, matters.) All I was doing was the laundry. It was a normal day. Got up. Made bed. Popped in a load. But, on this normal morning, I glanced over my left shoulder and I saw the most beautiful, most hopeful thing that I had in a while. . . … Continue reading Sowing Seeds: A Word for the Forgetful


Every Season

Every morning, I wake up and am shocked by what Spring has done. A month ago, I barely believed that it would come, but as the rains poured and the sun moved close, my corner of Kentucky has shaken off it's winter robe and has become one of the fullest springs in my memory. The … Continue reading Every Season

Carrying Seeds With Sorrow

I've been out in the garden again. After a rough morning, it's all I wanted. To feel dirt in my nails, to set the tomato plant, to give our cast off potatoes a chance at new life. I wanted colors: greens and pinks, whites, reds, purples, yellows. . . a rainbow spread thick and far. Digging … Continue reading Carrying Seeds With Sorrow