Do It For My Daughters

My daughters are seven and five. They are brilliant. And, I don’t mean that they are smarter than most children. They’re brilliance comes from the inside. Julia is fun. She’s hilarious! She makes me laugh even when I don’t want to. She works this to her advantage. Katie is cheeky. She’s smart and snappy. She is incredibly […]

Spring is Coming: What Will You Do?

14 days. 336 hours. 20160 minutes. It the countdown to Spring. It’s coming! The green! The colors, the sounds, the smells. Oh! Spring has the best scent. My favorite. Stepping outside, I feel my blood begin to boil. I’m ready . . . for whatever! Just give me something to do. I’ll do it!   […]

Answered Questions

The tears were flowing. I had taken away what I had just given: The chance of a sleepover. Actually, Katie was only going to stay in Julia’s bed for a few minutes, just until the sheets were dry. Then she asked it, oh so sweetly, “I think that Katie and I would have a good […]

Reveal the Broken

I love my house. It’s small, situated in a quiet suburb. Entirely, beautifully ordinary. The thing about my house, though, is that it was not loved well. Holes in the walls were left exposed or badly covered. Blank colors were slapped on the walls before it’s sale, leaving hasty disregarded paint drips. There is so […]

Don’t Be A Wuss

Halloween has become. . .  Complicated. For one thing, it’s become a phenomenon. According to CNN Money, Americans will be spending approximately 7 billion dollars this year. In the name of fun, there are inflatables, costumes, candy and everything else in between to spook and scare any lover of this holiday.  I’ve been walking around […]

Keep the Word Close

The past two weeks have been like riding on a roller coaster. I’d like to say that I’m the kind that rides this life with her hands high in the air, enjoying the experience. I’m not. The bumps, the jagged curves, the flight to the top and the terrifying decent make me sick to my […]