Falling into Love

I heard this song yesterday: and when I did, I laughed. I still knew the words after all these years. I could probably sing it with the bitter, cracked, sexy (supposedly) way that I used to. But, after the laughter came the groan. That was me. That was how I coped. I swallowed resignation daily, … Continue reading Falling into Love


All Things New

This year's project is wood chips. Inspired by the movie, Back to Eden, we're adding a covering to our garden - vegetables, flowers, vines, everything to encourage new growth in our yard. Before laying the wood chips, it's necessary to lay down newspaper; not an item I pick up very often. I love my NPR … Continue reading All Things New

Music for a Thursday

I need music. Sometimes, I wonder if I have a slight case of narcolepsy because, unless music (and it has to be awesome) is playing in the background, I would rather crawl back into bed. . . for half a day. But, I'm going through a very strange phase of being extremely dissatisfied with the … Continue reading Music for a Thursday