The Winter is Over…

If I could bathe in green, I would. I cannot get enough of the light, fresh grass, or birds being happy about whatever they go on about. The most I can do is get as close to the earth as possible...without looking a bit touched in the head. The winter left a chill that I … Continue reading The Winter is Over…


And, So. . .

It's been three weeks since my Granddaddy's passing. Three weeks since I stepped off a plane, turned on my phone and heard the words, "Your mom called. . . " The last night that I spent with him was a magic one. In one hospital room sat four women and one man. There was my … Continue reading And, So. . .

What Brings You Hope?

Last night, I had big dreams. As I settled down to sleep, I had everything planned in my mind: Wake up at 5am.  Listen to the Daily Prayer Work out with Wai Lana . . . Yes, it was going to be a marvelous morning. My spirit, heart, soul, and body would be refreshed and … Continue reading What Brings You Hope?

Googling Your Perfect Church

My family missed National Back To Church Sunday this past week. We are currently on the outskirts of the church scene, focusing instead on our friendships and tithing (joyfully!) to ministries that have helped our hearts. But, there are times when I miss going. Growing up in the church, it's difficult at times to stay … Continue reading Googling Your Perfect Church