Don't rush it. Doing things well takes time. Screw the rat race. Live well. Love well. Breathe slowly. Say "No" so that you can say "Yes" with your whole heart. Not everything is important. Not everything is obvious. Don't worry about disappointing someone. Do what you know is right. Don't worry about the rest. Enjoy … Continue reading Perception


Packing Joy

Synonyms for Joy: Pleasure, glee, bliss, elation, mirth, felicity, rapture, delight, transport, exultation, gladness, happiness, festivity, satisfaction, merriment, ecstasy. My husband has told me that I need to change my attitude. We talked the other night, breaking open, over, and out. Both of us were brave, revealing the difficult and raw, and he was strong enough … Continue reading Packing Joy

Loving the Little

Better is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with it. Better is a dinner of vegetables where love is than a fatted ox and hatred with it. ~Proverbs 15: 16 & 17 Hobby Lobby is my place to dream. It's one of the few places where I have … Continue reading Loving the Little