Light Matters: An Explanation and Examination

I love our Christmas tree. I love being in it's light. I will turn off every light in the house just to get the full affect. Christmas lights evoke meaning. We have much to look forward to. Good things are coming. That's the promise, right? A Christmas tree lights the way to Christmas. We anticipate and are … Continue reading Light Matters: An Explanation and Examination


The Clock Is Not What Matters

The New Year is here. It always makes me laugh when I see 12:13 on the clock face. 12:00 seemed so important, so full of hope and possibility until, thirteen minutes into the game, things have already started to lose their luster. Suddenly the new year doesn't seem that new and I go back to my life … Continue reading The Clock Is Not What Matters

Why You Can’t Keep Favorites

I struggle with favorites. I remember one of my friends asking me, "Do you have a favorite child?" I cringed, because I knew I shouldn't. I didn't want to have a favorite child. "Yes." I admitted slowly, then adding, "Butpleasedon'ttellanybody!" Recently, in the book of James, I came across these verses: If you really fulfill … Continue reading Why You Can’t Keep Favorites