Falling into Love

I heard this song yesterday: and when I did, I laughed. I still knew the words after all these years. I could probably sing it with the bitter, cracked, sexy (supposedly) way that I used to. But, after the laughter came the groan. That was me. That was how I coped. I swallowed resignation daily, … Continue reading Falling into Love


What Will You Bring?

It doesn't take much to make a difference. To show up, to smile, to ask a question, to look them in the eye. No, it doesn't take much. The cost is little. The experience is priceless. Bringing light into a world of darkness, well, it only takes one tiny, seemingly insignificant candle to change a room. … Continue reading What Will You Bring?

Am I in Ministry?

I'm eavesdropping. There are two gentlemen across from me in Starbucks. I've never met them. I'm doing the usual, checking my Facebook, writing emails to teachers, just being, enjoying the outside world a little. Their conversation keeps floating above the music. Church. Ministry. What's Changed. Blessings. God. Small Groups. It is the usual. It's the … Continue reading Am I in Ministry?

Will You Forgive Me?

I love being right. It's important that I keep my lists straight and my tallies correct on the ways people have hurt me. I could line them up and give them all reason for why I am so unhappy. That way, I won't be exposed. No one will be able to see how foolish I've … Continue reading Will You Forgive Me?

Can’t Be Perfect

"I would rather make mistakes in kindness and compassion than work miracles in unkindness and hardness." — Mother Teresa Julia looked cute this morning. I mean super cute! We flat ironed her hair, she wore her new brown snow boots, accompanied by her adorable brown and pink jacket. Oh yes, c-u-t-e. But, as we walked up to her preschool, I noticed that she stood out … Continue reading Can’t Be Perfect