Falling into Love

I heard this song yesterday: and when I did, I laughed. I still knew the words after all these years. I could probably sing it with the bitter, cracked, sexy (supposedly) way that I used to. But, after the laughter came the groan. That was me. That was how I coped. I swallowed resignation daily, … Continue reading Falling into Love


Perfectly Imperfect

Yesterday, I made the best potato soup. It wasn’t creamy, or even very pretty. I added too much water and wheat flour never quite looks right when used as a thickener. But, the taste. oh my. It was delicious. Yesterday, some friends came over. We had a blast, talking and laughing, confessing who we were and … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect

One Word: Accept

Between my very slow computer, my two-year-old's successful trip to the potty, and the interruptions that a four and a six year old can create, I haven't gotten much done this morning. At this moment, they are supposed to be cleaning their rooms, which is something they do every day. Yet, every day, they somehow … Continue reading One Word: Accept

Keeping The Calm – Day 2

Today is the second day of my wide-eyed, high-pitched voice. Actually, my husband did say that my tone has gotten lower. But, what we've both noticed is that I'm not giving in to anger. Getting angry about. . .anything is so incredibly easy. It doesn't require any thinking, any forethought, even any strength. And, it … Continue reading Keeping The Calm – Day 2