I Need Jesus

I need Jesus before . . . My feet hit the floor I reach for my coffee I reach for my kids I talk to my husband I need Jesus before I say a word ~ I need Jesus before I . . . Make the decision Make the phone call Try to forgive Try … Continue reading I Need Jesus



I'm too raw. I'm scared to death. I want to write but it all feels like new skin that must be shielded because the light with either scorch it or the wind with throw up the dust and infect it. I want to write. Really. I just don't know what to say. The crazy thing … Continue reading Raw

How Do You Play?

I'm not very good at playing with toys.  As a child, I loved being on the floor creating worlds and relationships with all the plastic characters in my little realm. It was my escape and my way of processing. And, since it was my disconnect, I find it hard to play in the same way. … Continue reading How Do You Play?

Pray For Our Schools

Every morning, my husband and I pray for each other. We pray for each other's hearts, our day and that nothing that the enemy throws at us will prosper. Every morning, I pray for my kids on the way to school. I pray for them, that they will soak in the education that's solid, for … Continue reading Pray For Our Schools

Houses of God

  "Let there always be quiet, dark churches in which men can take refuge. Places where they can kneel in silence. Houses of God, filled with His silent presence. There, even when they do not know how to pray, at least they can be still and breathe easily. Let there be a place somewhere in … Continue reading Houses of God