Skinny Means Nothing: A Women’s Perspective on Self Worth

The day was sunny. Hot. Hanging with a friend at the zoo, we were huffing, dragging our children via Radio Flyer Wagon, up a hill. My friend and I were not overweight by any means, but here we were, struggling. We laughed at ourselves, at our weakened state. I turned to my friend, exasperated. "Skinny doesn't mean anything." … Continue reading Skinny Means Nothing: A Women’s Perspective on Self Worth


He’ll Catch You

I woke up this morning with a weary heart. All three kids had been up. With dreams and wet beds, the past two nights have been a whirlwind. When Donovan woke me up, he first asked, "Are you ready to pray?" "No. . . ", I replied. "Will you pray with me," he asked. "Yes." … Continue reading He’ll Catch You

To Kick Butt, Press Play

I am an avid Freecycler. Over the course of four years, I have given away and received more stuff than I can possibly remember. My latest acquisition has been a sort of throwback for me. My first exposure to it was my sophomore year in high school. You might have tried something like it. Oh … Continue reading To Kick Butt, Press Play