Bloom Anyway

Here in Kentucky, we seem to be on the edges of spring. Every day is another edge, another inch, another moment closer to beauty, lightness, sunshine and warmth. Then, there are days like yesterday. What was supposed to be a 40% chance of snow in the morning turned out to be an all day freeze … Continue reading Bloom Anyway


Rain and Relationships

Winter has set in. Hard and resilient, the ice storms and snow days have compounded the Midwest. I never thought I would dread an early morning call from the school. Thankfully, we have only suffered one day of power outage. The rest has been a time of waiting and a willing remembrance that spring will … Continue reading Rain and Relationships


Sweaters. Soups. Cold nights. Mittens. Quiet. Winter. A delicious retreat for my heart. The call to be still is strong. Most days, I don't want to stretch outside the cave of blankets I've driven myself under. Reading has become essential; so has the small indoor projects. Both help pass the time. I feel productive and … Continue reading Hope

All Things To The Glory

"Do all things to the glory of God" The big, the ordinary, the tall and the small, the beautiful, the mundane; do it all to the glory of God. Like a tune that's playing in the background, dance to it, act on it, sing with it, work in it. Do all things to the glory … Continue reading All Things To The Glory